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Wondershop is a seasonal brand by Target, USA. It is primarily a festive one-stop resource with products including Home Decor, Trim-a-Tree, D.I.Y.,Treats, Food & Beverage and Stocking Stuffers. The brand is joyful, not wacky; classic, not conservative; modern, not futuristic; welcoming, not folksy; elevated, not out of reach; experiential, not extreme. With the products, the brand wants to create magic for the holidays.

The job at hand was to design the packaging for chocolate bars in three flavours: Himalayan Sea Salt,  Hazelnut Crepe Dentelle and Pomegranate.

route 1

Clean patterns with Christmas holly as the element and a visual of the main ingredient as part of the pattern

route 2

Using visual elements to form a Christmas wreath, while tweaking the label of the packaging

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