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Client: Iris Aroma Boutique, Mysore 

Iris is a home fragrance brand based out of Mysore with retail outlets spread across 5 different cities in India. This very project was to develop a new line of fragrance accessories catering to the changing tastes of the consumer. The products needed to have a fresh look and feel and at the same time be very feminine and easy to manufacture.

The approach taken was very exploratory in nature and here are a few of those and the final output.

route 1

material palette

route 2

material palette

Out of the two directions, the client's choice was 'En Casa'. With that look and feel in mind, I went ahead and did explorations on the form, material and manufacturing process of the products. Below are a few sketches. Following were the products that would be a part of the product line:

A reed diffuser

An oil vaporiser

A glass tumbler candle

A shot glass candle

A pillar candle

A fragrance sachet.

form exploration

final products

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