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Client: Quirk Station, Bangalore

The brief that the client came up with was to create a concept store which would sell all quirky, funky, unique merchandise under one roof by partnering with various brands or artists thereby enabling them to have a premium offline presence. As a designer, my role for Quirk Station was to come up with a design concept that would fit into the ever dynamic nature of the brand and would cater to a large mixture of consumers who'd walk into the store or come across the brand at any possible touch point.

the idea

‘Nostalgia’ is a feeling that every one has a different idea of. Be it stealing that one extra piece of cake from your brother’s plate or sneaking out of the house for a date night, every memory just brings back the joy with a sweet yearning. Through quirk station, an attempt would be made to meet this very desire and tap on people’s nostalgia through products and the space. Since, there would be several artists in the store, it would cater to different individuals with different choices.

logo explorations

brand identity

colours & type

logo usage


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